Tuition & Fees - ALL tuition is due in advance on Monday morning of each week. A $5.00 late fee may be applied to accounts not paid by Wednesday of the same week.

Registration fee is due at the time of registration and by August 1st each year. This covers any BCDC Preschool Program within the year. Payment arrangements may be made by contacting the Center Office. *All registration fees are non-refundable*

                              Registration:                  $125.00 per year      
                              School Age Reg.:          $125.00 per year    
                              Full-time Tuition:       $115.00 per week

                         Part Time Tuition:      $57.50 per week  (plus 10 extra hours at 

                                                                                                $3.00/hour or .05/minute)
                              Drop-In:                        $3.00 per hour or $22.00 per day
                              After School:               $35.00 per week 
                              School Age Out:        $115.00 per week

                         Late Fee:                         $10.00

Curriculum fees are due at the time of registration and no later than August 1st of the school year. This covers supplies & workshops. *All curriculum fees are non-refundable*

                              K-1                                $40.00 per year
                              K-2                                $40.00 per year
                              K-3                                $80.00 per year
                              K-4                                $90.00 per year
                              K-5                                $120.00 per year

*Curriculum rates effective August 8, 2019.

Multi-Children Discounts: Second child & subsequent children receive a $10.00 per week discount.
Bethlehem Church Family Discounts: Children with parents who are active members of Bethlehem Baptist Church will receive a 20% discount on tuition. Discounts for BBC families may be verified through the Church Office.  Registration is waived, but 50% of the Curriculum Fees is required.

If you have any questions, please call us at (334) 673-4980. 


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